Monferrato DOC



Mompertone 2019


Despite several snow events and limited rainfall, winter 2019 saw higher than average temperatures prompting early budding especially in those vineyards with the most favorable sunlight exposure. The month of April until the end of May brought cold temperatures and rain showers that affected flowering, reducing the number of berries per cluster resulting in lower yields. June delivered a hot, dry summer which was followed by rain during the last half of July. Optimal day/night temperature swings in August and frequent cluster thinning in the vineyards assured optimal berry development and ripening and preserved whole, healthy fruit.  September began with a period of brief yet intense rainstorms that gave way to higher temperatures and clear sunny weather until mid-October.  This wasn’t an easy vintage, with an extended harvest window and limited yields however, the grapes were of impeccable quality. Harvesting operations began on September 9th and were concluded on September 21st.

Harvest and Vinification

Harvested grapes were brought to the cellar, destemmed and crushed. Maceration took place over a period of 6 days at a controlled temperature of 28-30 °C (82-86 °F). Malolactic fermentation was completed by the end of December and the wine was left to age for approximately 12 months in the cellar.

Historical Data

Mompertone comes from vineyards in the Monferrato area that grow on soils composed of limestone and clay with widespread sand veining. This terroir gives the wine a round palate characterized by soft and elegant tannins.

Tasting Notes

Mompertone is an intense rub red color. The nose offers captivating notes of spices, vanilla, cacao, forest floor and cherries. Mompertone’s rich and velvety palate is persistent and well balanced with supple elegant tannins.

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