Monferrato DOC



Mompertone 2017


The 2017 growing season in the Alba area will be remembered for hot climatic conditions and scarce precipitation. Winter was mild with little snowfall while the first half of spring saw scattered rain showers and temperatures above seasonal averages that prompted early vine growth. At the end of April, a sudden drop in temperatures resulted in frost that damaged low-lying vineyards on the valley floor and on hillsides. The month of May brought a long stretch of beautiful weather that registered above average temperatures during the summer months.  Several isolated showers in August replenished groundwater reserves, a critical factor that allowed vines to complete their vegetative cycle. Temperatures dropped considerably as of the first week of September resulting in significant temperature swings between day and night. In conclusion, vineyard yields were lower in quantity but of high quality. Harvesting operations began on August 26th and were completed on September 15th.

Harvest and Vinification

Harvested grapes were brought to the cellar, destemmed and crushed. Maceration took place over a period of 6 days at a controlled temperature of 28-30 °C (82-86 °F). Malolactic fermentation was completed by the end of December and the wine was left to age for approximately 12 months in the cellar.

Historical Data

Mompertone comes from vineyards in the Monferrato area that grow on soils composed of limestone and clay with widespread sand veining. This terroir gives the wine a round palate characterized by soft and elegant tannins.

Tasting Notes

Mompertone is a deep ruby red color with violet hues. Its nose is rich in fruity aromas of plums and cherries that blend with notes of violets, spices and coffee. The palate is mouth filling, rich in tannins that are supple, elegant and persistent.

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