Moscato d'Asti



100% Moscato bianco di Canelli

Moscato d'Asti 2022


The 2022 growing season will be remembered as early and surprising. Early because at the beginning of October the grape harvest was already completed and surprising because despite climate trends, the vines proved once again their unique capability of adapting. Winter weather patterns were unusual from the very beginning of the season: dry conditions and mild temperatures held steady throughout the entire vegetative cycle. A considerable lack of precipitation and rising temperatures, above seasonal averages, in the months of June and July compelled the vines developed adaptive mechanisms, limiting vegetative growth and reducing berry size. Under these conditions, clean, whole, healthy grapes reached peak ripeness yet berry size was smaller than usual, but with high sugar concentration levels. Moscato grapes were harvested between August 22nd and 30th.

Harvest and Vinification

Hand harvested grapes were gently crushed before being pressed. The must was left in the press for a brief period to extract aromas. The free run wine was transferred into stainless steel vats where alcoholic fermentation took place until the wine reached 5% alcohol content and then fermentation was halted by sharply reducing the temperature. The wine was clarified, filtered, and then bottled.  

Historical Data

The aromatic Moscato grape (Muscat Blanc) has been part of Piedmont’s winemaking traditions for generations. It produces a wine with intense aromas characteristic of this grape variety, fruity nuances sweet from natural residual sugar. Its low alcohol content makes it an extremely pleasant versatile wine.

Tasting Notes

Moscato d’Asti Prunotto is an intense straw yellow color. The nose offers characteristic aromas of the Moscato Bianco grape and hints of sage and hawthorn blossoms. Its full palate is vigorous and elegant and closes with a harmonious, fresh, and pleasing finish.

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