Langhe DOC


40% Sauvignon Blanc and 60% Erbaluce

Arveja 2022


The 2022 vintage will be remembered for the early and surprising growing season. Early because the grape harvest had already been completed at the beginning of October and surprising because, considering weather patterns, the grape vines proved once again to be exceptionally resilient. Winter weather was unusual from the very beginning of the season, mild and dry conditions persisted throughout the entire vegetative cycle. Significant lack of precipitation and temperatures that rose above seasonal averages in June and July caused the vines to respond by limiting vegetative growth and reducing cluster size. Under these circumstances, perfectly healthy grapes progressed to ripeness, however berries were smaller in size and had high sugar concentration levels. The grape harvest began on August 22nd and was completed on August 29th.

Harvest and Vinification

The grapes were harvested into baskets, brought to the cellars, and gently pressed. The must was clarified using a cold temperature decanting method. Fermentation took place at a temperature no higher than 18° C (64° F) for approximately 15 days. Before bottling, the wine was left to age at a low temperature in stainless steel tanks for several months.  

Historical Data

The name Arveja means “briar patch” in the Piedmontese dialect. It comes from the blackberry briars that grow abundantly in a forest at the top of the vineyards and the blackberries ripen at the same time that Arveja is harvested. This small 2-hectare vineyard (4.9 acres) enjoys a west-northwest exposure that intensifies Erbaluce’s fresh characteristics and the captivating aromas of gooseberry and green apple typical of Sauvignon Blanc.

Tasting Notes

Arveja 2022 is straw yellow in color with light green hues. Aromas on the nose are intense with notes of peaches and grapefruits together with hints of tomato leaves, celery stalks and impressions of freshly cut grass. The palate is fresh, savory with pleasant balance.

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