The History

South East South West
623-755 ft
with the presence of Sant’Agata marl

Bric Turot

The History

Bric Turot is one of Prunotto's historic vineyards. Its name means 'summit of a small hill' and local producers have always called this small parcel "La Turota" or "La Torretta" (small tower) in local dialect due to its prominent geographic position.

The vineyards extend over an area of 5 hectares (12 acres), have southeast/southwest exposure to the sun and are at an altitude that varies between 190 and 230 meters (623 – 755 feet) above sea level. Grapes grown in this particular terroir are able to express greater elegance and complexity.

Expression of a land rich in history

Barbaresco's history goes back to 1894 when Domizio Cavazza, headmaster of the Royal Enological School of Alba, dedicated his passions and efforts to crafting this wine. Production regulations and territorial criteria were established with DOC status in 1966 and DOCG status in 1980 that includes the cities of Barbaresco, Treiso, Neive and Alba.

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