Dolcetto d'Alba



100% Dolcetto

Dolcetto d'Alba 2019


Winter 2019 was marked by temperatures that were higher than seasonal averages, with the exception of a couple of snow events and some precipitation, that led to early vine growth especially in those vineyards with better sun exposure. Climate trends changed in April and persisted throughout the end of May with colder temperatures and generous rainfall that affected flowering, reducing the number of berries per cluster and limiting yields. Hot dry weather in June preceded a period of rain showers that started mid-July. Optimal temperature fluctuations during the month of August together with attentive crop thinning in the vineyards kept the fruit intact. September began with a period of brief but intense rainfall, followed by rising temperatures and stable weather up until the end of October. This was a difficult vintage with a lengthy harvest and limited yields but the grapes were of excellent quality. Harvest took place from September 12th to the 26th

Harvest and Vinification

Grapes were brought to the cellar for destemming and crushing. Grapes were left to macerate on the skins for 7 days at a maximum temperature of 27–28 °C (81-82 °F). Malolactic fermentation was completed by mid December. The wine was aged in stainless steel tanks for several months. Dolcetto was bottled in spring.

Historical Data

Dolcetto is a historic wine from Piedmont’s long-established winemaking traditions. Aging occurs in steel vats in order to bring out the full expression of aromas and flavors characteristic of this grape variety.

Tasting Notes

Dolcetto is a lively ruby red color. Youthful and grapey on the nose it is reminiscent of ripe fruit.

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