Roero Arneis



100% Arneis

Roero Arneis 2018


The 2018 vintage started out with a long winter season with frequent rain showers that replenished groundwater reserves that were depleted after 2017’s drought conditions. Winter weather conditions persisted until the beginning of March with lower than average temperatures causing a delay in vine growth. Frequent rain and lower than average temperatures prevailed during spring and the first half of summer. Halfway through July, temperatures rose considerably and a long stretch of beautiful weather followed favoring slow, regular berry ripening. Despite these climatic conditions, there was a notable disparity in berry maturation from vineyard to vineyard. Harvesting operations began on September 11th and were completed on September 25th. Arneis berries were perfectly healthy with optimal sugar levels, acidity and aromas.

Harvest and Vinification

The grapes were hand harvested into baskets, brought to the cellars and gently pressed. The must was clarified using a cold temperature decanting method. Fermentation took place at a temperature no higher than 18 °C (64 °F) for approximately 15 days. Before bottling, the wine was left to age at a low temperature in stainless steel tanks for several months.

Historical Data

The Roero area has always been well known for the production of Arneis. A modern interpretation of this grape variety’s personality that is particularly pleasing and delicate.

Tasting Notes

Roero Arneis is straw yellow in color with light greenish undertones. The nose is intense with floral and fruity notes. The palate is remarkable for it good structure sustained by its pleasing freshness and a lengthy finish.

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